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Five Vehicle Crash Leaves Two Dead-Could Lawsuit Funding Assist?

This was one of those preventable accidents; because a Chevy truck driver blew a stop sign, two are dead and several others are badly injured.

The Chevy truck driver was heading southbound on a street parallel to the highway when he breezed through a stop sign and collided with a 1996 GMC truck, heading east. The Chevy continued on through the intersection, hit an SUV, a Harley Davidson with two riders and a 2006 Chev coupe. The Chevy truck driver and one passenger were injured and taken to hospital; two other passengers were ejected from the truck during the crash and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Running a stop sign is, clearly, negligence; the driver should be held accountable for the accident. The families of those killed in the crash will likely pursue wrongful death lawsuits; those seriously injured may pursue personal injury litigation. All victims would be wise to consult with experienced personal injury/wrongful death attorneys.

Wrongful death and serious injury accidents often cause immediate and long-term financial problems for victims and families. There is a service that provides both immediate and long-term financial assistance to accident victims. The service is commonly known as lawsuit funding or legal finance. Any of the victims in this horrible crash should consider the availability of this service if they become strapped for cash. It is easy to apply for a lawsuit cash advance online or by phone and there are no costs or fees associated with the application. If the applicant(s) are eligible for litigation funding, their “lawsuit loan” will arrive within 24-48 hours by check or by wire.

Pre-settlement funding requires no monthly payments and no credit checks. Legal funding may be used to pay important bills and expenses, funeral or medical expenses related to their accidents. Repayment is contingent upon the outcome of their cases and the lawsuit cash advances are excused if they lose. They will not have to settle their cases too early for too little just to make ends meet.