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Five Teens Killed, Several Other People Injured in Multiple Crashes By Wrong-way Driver

Five Vermont teens are dead in a head-on collision and several other people injured after several crashes along Interstate 89 in Williston.

Police had received over a dozen calls about a pick-up truck traveling the wrong way down the highway. They were responding to the area when calls starting coming in reporting a head-on crash. Arriving at the scene, police found the vehicle with the five teens in flames. While officers tried to extinguish the fire, a man stole the police cruiser and sped away. As police tried to stop him, the man turned the cruiser around and began heading back toward the crash scene. The cruiser then struck seven vehicles, including the pick-up truck, which was still in the middle of the intersection. The man behind the wheel of the police cruiser was thrown from the vehicle, which also burst into flames. All five teens were pronounced dead at the scene. The negligent driver was taken into custody before transported to an area hospital in critical condition. Several others were injured, but none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

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