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Five Long Years For Justice: The Charles Keiser Case

In the very unusual wrongful death case of Charles Keiser, it took five years before a partial out of court settlement was finally reached. It was a long and painful journey for Keiser’s daughter, Amanda Landis, who, most likely, faced an ever increasing pile of bills over that period of time. Regular, every day, citizens usually don’t have a stockpile money on hand to handle their her own finances without the death of a loved one (and associated expenses) added in.

The facts of this case are bizarre and resulted in Keiser dying in a watery field on Thanksgiving Day, 2004. State Police were at the scene that day, responding to a call of a stolen bulldozer. Keiser was accused of stealing it; he was being apprehended by an officer when he stopped breathing. He was charged with assault, but ultimately it was the Coroner’s report that offered a somewhat different explanation of what had happened.

While Keiser was being restrained and arrested, he was face down on a wet field; it had rained that day and the field was dotted with puddles. The autopsy concluded that his death was accidental, due to drowning. Amanda Landis alleges, in her wrongful death lawsuit, that sheriff’s deputies used excessive force during the arrest; officers held Keiser face down in a swamp while he was restrained and Tasered.

The police claim that they tried to pull Keiser’s face out of the water, but Keiser resisted and pushed his face deeper into the water. None of the officers have ever faced criminal charges in the death, but the county agreed to a partial settlement of $750,000, last fall. A jury may have to decide the remaining civil case against the deputies.

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