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Five Killed in Chain-Reaction Accident on Indiana Interstate

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A fatal accident on Interstate 65 in Indiana took the lives of five people, including the semi-truck driver believed to be at fault. According to police, the Illini State Trucking Company driver was traveling at a high rate of speed as he neared a construction zone. Failing to slow down, the truck struck a passenger car, pushing it into a ditch. The driver of that vehicle died at the scene; his wife was treated at an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. After striking the first vehicle, the semi hit a Honda Pilot and a trailer hauling chicken wings. The semi and Honda became engulfed in flames killing the semi driver and three people in the Honda. Three additional passenger vehicles sustained minor damage in the crash. The accident remains under investigation, but State Police believe the Illini semi-truck driver may have fallen asleep or was not paying attention to the road. An INDOT work zone safety engineer is expected review the crash report to see whether any changes need to be made to improve safety conditions in the construction zone.

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