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Five Easy Steps to Receive Lawsuit Funding

Every plaintiff enters a lawsuit expecting a fair settlement. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task; fighting for your rights can be a long, complicated battle leading to financial hardship. The defense may use this to their advantage – denying and delaying a claim in order to pressure the plaintiff into settling for less than they deserve. Although it may seem easier to settle early, there is help in the form of lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit Financial understands that many plaintiffs are in desperate need of financial relief and time is critical. This is why we help plaintiffs beat insurance companies in the waiting game by providing one of the most commonly used tools by plaintiffs to pay necessary bills during the litigation process – lawsuit funding.

Obtaining funding for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is a quick and easy five-step process.

1. Complete our one-page online application.

2. One of our funding specialists will contact you to obtain information about your case.

3. We will contact your attorney to obtain documentation necessary to review your case.

4. If your case is approved, we will contact you with the funding amount available and prepare a contract for your signature.

5. Once we receive your signed contract, we will send a check overnight or wire the money directly into your bank account.

The entire process can be completed within 24 – 48 hours, if we are successful in receiving the necessary documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney in a timely manner . The plaintiff owes us nothing until the case is settled. Because lawsuit funding is on a non-recourse basis, plaintiffs who borrow money against their suit will only be responsible for paying back the advance if they win their case. If they lose, the repayment is completely waived.

Contact us today if you are struggling financially while waiting for your case to settle. See if lawsuit funding is the solution for you.

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