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Fishing Boat Sinks: Three Rescued from Icy Waters, One is Dead

A Seattle based fishing boat sank in the Gulf of Alaska, Three other crew members were rescued from the icy waters by the US Coast Guard, another has died. The boat went down about 50 miles south of Montague Island.

Because of the location of the accident, It took the Coast Guard at least two hours to rescue the survivors. The man who died, apparently, suffered a traumatic brain injury as he was trying to get off the boat before it sank. It is unclear whether he died from the brain injury or subsequent hypothermia. The other crew members had survival suits which meant they stayed alive longer despite the frigid weather. They did however suffer from various degrees of frostbite and hypothermia.

It is not known what caused the boat to sink; if the boat was unseaworthy, defective in some manner, or sank due to a crew error/negligence, survivors of the deceased victim and the surviving injured victims may wish to speak to an attorney specializing in Maritime or Jones Act litigation.

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