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First Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Sightseeing Helicopter Accident

A newly married pilot, a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and a recently married couple from India were among five people killed last week when a helicopter crashed during a tour of Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. The cause of the accident is still under federal investigation, but the families of the Indian couple have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the helicopter tour operator. The lawsuit alleges the pilot did not maintain control, did not avoid natural objects like canyon walls, and did not properly respond to losing control of the helicopter.

The NTSB investigators said the engine was changed the day before the fatal flight and the tour company, Sundance Helicopters, says their aircraft are inspected daily. There was no indication of bad weather or other aircraft in the area. The only information currently known is that the helicopter made a 600-foot climb followed by a 90-degree left turn and then an 800-foot descent before it impacted into a canyon wall indicating the pilot may have lost control, a maneuver that is not normal. The plaintiff’s attorney said, “tour pilots are encouraged to push the aircraft’s limits and ignore unpredictable winds that can push the helicopter into a fixed object, such as a mountain. There is an incentive for the pilot to provide a `flight thrill’ to passengers.” NTSB officials said a final report on the crash could take a year; it could be another two to four years to reach a settlement in the case.

The crash brings up the question once again about the safety of the air tour industry. From 1994 through 2008, there were 75 commercial helicopter accidents in the U.S. It will come as no surprise that most of these crashes produced serious personal injuries or death for the occupants of the airplane; aircraft crashes do not produce “fender benders.”

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