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First Wrongful Death Lawsuit in “A Dangerous Game of Chicken”

Attorney Steven G. Wigrizer, said “it typically takes two years between the filing of a civil suit in Philadelphia and the start of a trial. With a grand jury investigation into the collapse now underway, the process could take even longer.”

Wigrizer is referring to the first wrongful death lawsuit from the collapse of a Philadelphia building under demolition that collapsed killing five people, and injuring thirteen others in an adjacent Salvation Army thrift store. The lawsuit was filed by the family of a young women shopping in the thrift store when the adjacent building collapsed. The woman and three others in the store were crushed under the rubble. Thirteen others were injured.

The lawsuit says Mary Lea Simpson suffocated to death under the rubble of the building, dying an agonizing and painful death from asphyxiation. An autopsy listed the official cause as “traumatic compression of torso.” The suit contends the “collapse was caused by the negligence, carelessness, recklessness, intentional misrepresentations, and conscience-shocking behavior of the defendants – The Salvation Army, developer Richard Basciano, his company STB Investments, contractor Griffin Campbell, construction expediter and architect Plato Marinakos and excavator operator Sean Benschop a.k.a. Kary Roberts.

According to emails released by the city, Basciano and the Salvation Army were feuding over the demolition plans in the months leading up to the building collapse. Ultimately, Basciano decided to move forward with his plans that involved the use of an excavator. The suit faults the Salvation Army for remaining open amid the demolition despite warnings, and the building owner and contractors for the demolition for crafting a risky plan and starting work before securing permits. The plaintiff is seeking damages for future lost earnings, funeral expenses, pain and suffering and mental distress Ms. Simpson experienced prior to her death and the emotional and psychological toll on her survivors.

This tragedy began because of corporate greed. Now the plaintiffs will undoubtedly wait a long time for lawsuit resolution. Big businesses and the insurance companies don’t care that the injured and the families of the deceased will most likely suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. They don’t care if the bills get paid.

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