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First Lawsuits Filed in Con Edison Harlem Gas Explosion

Lawsuit funding can assist victims who have been rendered homeless by a home fire, suffered the loss of a “bread winner”, or rendered disabled as the result of a gas explosion.

As the feds continue to investigate whether negligence led to the Harlem gas explosion last week that killed eight people, the first lawsuit has been filed. A 46-year-old woman claims that she sustained severe and permanent injuries after falling in her apartment which is more than a block away from the two apartment buildings that collapsed in the explosion. According to the lawsuit, she accuses Con Edison and the landlord, Kaoru Demler Muramatsu, of neglecting their “duty to keep…the premises in a safe, proper and secure manner.” Other claims are already underway. The age of the pipe and exactly how the leak started remains unclear. It is undetermined if the leak existed before the explosion or was created as a result of the explosion, yet the NTSB said that the soil surrounding the destroyed buildings was saturated with a higher-than-normal concentration of natural gas suggesting that the gas had been leaking for some time. If the NTSB concludes that the aging cast-iron pipes were neglected or not properly maintained, Con Edison may be blamed for the blast.

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