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Fire and Explosion Lawsuit Results in $21 Million Settlement

Congratulations to my friend Stuart Sklar and his firm Fabian, Sklar & King, in Farmington Hills, MI for his hard work and just result in the Ellison Bay propane explosion case, in Wisconsin, that claimed the lives of a Michigan couple in 2006. It should be noted that the Fabian Sklar firm specializes in fire and explosion litigation and do superlative work in this legal specialty. This results serves to exemplify that skill and work ethic.

According to an article in the Door County Daily News entitled “$21 Million Dollar Settlement in Ellison Bay Explosion“, propane lines for the expansion of the Cedar Grove Resort, in Wisconsin, were installed in 1999. In March 2006, resort owners contacted hired a construction company to upgrade electrical services to the resort docks. The propane lines were not identified before contractors and subcontractors began to dig trenches to install the electric lines; the buried propane lines were damaged and began leaking into the ground, which caused the explosion that killed Patrick and Margaret Higdon, of Bloomfield Hills, MI . The lawsuit named those businesses and eight insurance companies as defendants.

While our services were not needed or used in the Ellison Bay case, fire and explosion litigation almost always cause death or devastating and disabling injuries. The financial impact of these occurrences can be almost as devastating as the injuries they cause. The death or serious and disabling injuries of the family breadwinner, coupled with an expensive and lengthy litigation process can result in financial ruin. Lawsuit funding is an excellent strategic tool to use in situations like the one presented in this tragic case. Well placed, interim, legal funding while waiting for the case to resolve, might salvage valuable personal assets and prevent plaintiffs from settling for less than full case value because of dire financial need. Pre-settlement litigation funding is completely contingent on the outcome of the fire and explosion lawsuit. If the lawsuit fails, the legal finance principal and profit due is completely excused.

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