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Financial Peace of Mind Helps Plaintiffs Wait For Full Case Value Settlements

Often times, when a plaintiff files a lawsuit he/she has suffered serious injuries or has lost a loved one. Such lawsuits can be the result of medical malpractice, an auto accident, defective product, or work-related injuries. Medical treatment may include surgery, medication, physical therapy, and the bills can reach thousands of dollars. These health care providers expect payment regardless of your financial situation.

Plaintiffs will want to instruct their attorney to settle for whatever amount they can, and as soon as they can. They see a quick settlement as the only light at the end of the tunnel. That is usually because they are in financial distress, cannot get a bank loan, and have nowhere else to turn. They have never heard of lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding companies help people “bridge” the gap between when an accident occurs and when a settlement is reached. The strategy behind lawsuit funding is to allow plaintiffs the time needed to wait for a just settlement, rather than settling early just to pay the bills.
Lawsuit Financial began in order to help victims just like you to pay bills and manage debt during a time when you need it most. We understand that you are up against a defendant with deep pockets who will deny, delay, and defend stretching your finances to the limits. They want you to become so desperate that you will accept a cheap offer. Alleviating the financial burden enables you to concentrate on what’s really important – recuperating from your injuries and pursuing a fair and just settlement.

A plaintiff who has exhausted all financial resources and is considering accepting an unfair settlement offer may be able to apply for lawsuit funding. A cash advance from Lawsuit Financial enables you to recover from your injuries while allowing your attorney to negotiate a full case value settlement. There are no application fees, credit checks, or monthly payments. The only time Lawsuit Financial is paid is when you settle your case. Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advances, meaning if you lose your lawsuit, the cash advance is yours to keep; you owe us nothing!

If you want to take back financial control of your life after a serious injury or devastating loss, you consider pre-settlement funding. Avoid feeling pressured to accept a settlement too early, for too little. Call or visit our website to learn how a cash advance from Lawsuit Financial can eliminate the stress of frantically searching for a way to pay your bills and see justice being served. You have nothing to lose, nothing to risk, and only the financial staying power while you wait for justice.

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