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Fiery Fatal Auto Accident Took the Lives of Three Young Men

Three people lost their lives in a fiery auto accident over the weekend. The accident is under investigation, but it appears that an 18-year-old female driver veered off the road after passing another vehicle and slammed into a tree. The vehicle burst into flames upon impact. Witnesses said the flames were shooting high into the sky and tires were exploding from the intense heat.

Three passengers, young men aged 19, 20 and 22, died at the scene. The female driver was taken to a nearby hospital. Police believe alcohol played a role in the deadly accident.
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This fatal auto accident is under investigation and may take years to resolve. In the meantime, the families may be suffering from financial distress associated with funeral expenses for the young men that died. This is not uncommon since insurance companies do everything in their power to delay resolving the case and paying settlements, verdicts or judgments. If you have mounting medical bills and expenses and feel the need to reach a quick settlement, stop!

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