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Fiery Arizona Crash Leaves One Dead

The fire burned hot and bright in the aftermath of the accident where a truck hit disabled vehicle from behind. This fatal, fiery truck accident happened in the westbound lanes of 1-10 in Arizona, and a 44 year old woman is dead. Olga Sanchez Torres, whose car had broken down while she was driving, came to a stop and a truck, traveling behind her, violently rear-ended her car.

The truck was traveling so fast that the violent collision caused Ms. Torres’ car to explode, trapping her in the wreckage of the burning vehicle. Several witnesses tried to extricate her from the burning vehicle, but intense heat and fire made rescue impossible. By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, the vehicle was totally engulfed in flames.

The police have begun an investigation as to the cause of the accident. They will want to know if the truck was following too close, if the driver was under the influence, not paying attention, distracted, or asleep at the wheel. In most rear end collisions, the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is usually the at fault driver.

The Torres family will, most likely, pursue litigation. While the family awaits justice, members may discover that the death of a loved one is not only an emotionally draining experience, it is also a financially draining one. The pursuit of a lawsuit takes a long time; the family may wish to consider litigation funding as a way to pay their bills until their wrongful death lawsuit winds its way through the long legal process and reaches a settlement or jury verdict. This family has lost a loved one; her companionship, household income and presence as a mom and life-lesson teacher of the children will be sorely missed.

If the truck driver was negligent, the Torres case will move forward slowly leaving them in a bind as to how they will pay their day to day expenses. A lawsuit cash advance would allow them to get on with their lives and let them wait for a fair resolution. They won’t have to take an unreasonably low offer, just because they are desperate for cash now. In most cases, lawsuit funding is readily available within about 48 hours or less and it doesn’t matter what your credit score is or even if you don’t have a job. Legal finance services provide fast cash for an immediate solution to pressing financial circumstances. You can apply by phone or online. The call or visit is free; the advice is priceless.

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