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Fed EX Truck Causes Fatal Injury Accident

This horrendous automobile accident took place in Utah; a FedEX semi truck was heading westbound on 1-80 hauling a trailer when the driver crossed into the eastbound lane, smashing head-on into a Ford Fusion. The 74 year old Fusion driver was killed on impact and EMS crews pronounced him dead at the scene.

The police report does not explain why the FedEX truck veered into the eastbound lane; a full probe into the accident details will be launched. The driver of the semi and his passenger sustained minor injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment. The highway was shut down for several hours to clear the accident scene.

The family of the deceased should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their litigation options and rights in this case. There are some unanswered questions to be dealt with, not the least of which is why the semi driver was in the eastbound lane. What was the driver doing just prior to the collision? Texting, using a dashboard device, talking on the phone, reaching for a map or driving while distracted or under the influence? The investigation will have those answers in due course.

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