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Fatigue is a Driving Risk. Avoid it before it Destroys You

One of the most common causes of auto accidents on our roadways is fatigue; it is not be illegal, but it can be lethal. Driver fatigue can easily lead to falling asleep at the wheel or being so exhausted that a driver makes serious, or fatal, mistakes. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they are suffering from fatigue and will get behind the wheel, putting themselves and others at risk.

Although a recent fatal auto accident is still under investigation, it is possible fatigue played a role. A 28-year-old man was killed after his motorcycle collided with a UPS truck then slid into a stopped vehicle. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. According to his father, the young man would never sleep at night. While enrolled in the University of Maryland MBA program, his son also worked 50 hours a week. “He would work at his schoolwork all night long. He had incredible determination.” Although a recent graduate, determined youths usually don’t change. He ran a Marathon with his brother although he never had time to train. Two weeks ago he was elected to the Board of Directors of Access Youth, a non-profit group that mentors youths. He also helped with their fundraiser and revamping the website. According to the founder of Access Youth, “If he had a second of extra time, he was going to learn something new.”

Only a thorough investigation will determine the cause(s) of this accident, it is always important to drive responsibly and be alert at all times. If you drive drowsy, you are putting yourself and others at risk. Sleepiness decreases awareness, slows reaction time, and delays in processing information; the risk of auto accident significantly increases. Eliminating the risk will go a long way to preventing serious and fatal auto accidents.

While it is often hard to prove that another driver was experiencing driver fatigue, if you believe that you have a case against a driver due to fatigue contact an experience auto accident attorney to understand your rights. Once an attorney is retained and a lawsuit filed, the plaintiff may want to consult a litigation funding company to avoid financial devastation while pursuing the case.

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