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Fatigue and Driving; Not Worth the Gamble

A 21-year-old Valley Falls, Kansas man was in a fatal auto accident after his vehicle drifted into oncoming traffic and struck a semi-tractor trailer head on. The driver of the semi was unharmed; a passenger in the semi was treated for minor injuries. An investigation is ongoing, but it appears that the man fell asleep behind the wheel.

This accident illustrates how tiredness and fatigue can affect one’s driving; it impairs alertness and response time and is as dangerous as distracted drivers. Although tiredness and fatigue are common in long-distance truck drivers and third-shift workers, it is a concern for any driver who lacks the proper amount of sleep. It is important to recognize these signs BEFORE getting behind the wheel.

• frequent yawning and blinking
• crossing over the median or in another lane
• variation of speed and breaking too late
• misjudging traffic situations
• closing eyes for brief moments or eyes going out of focus

One of the most common causes of auto accidents on our roadways is fatigue. Being fatigued makes us less alert to what is happening on the road and less able to react quickly and safely if a dangerous situation arises. If you drive when you’re drowsy, you’re putting yourself, your passengers, and others at risk. The only reliable defense against driver fatigue is uninterrupted sleep for at least six to nine hours each night. Driving when fatigued may not be illegal, but it can be lethal.

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