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Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident the Result of Street Racing

Street racing, all too often, is publicized as glamorous entertainment, encouraging motorists to drive at speeds significantly in excess of those deemed safe for public roadways. It is not only illegal, but street racing is highly dangerous. Most vehicles participating in the race lack the safety equipment necessary to protect the driver in case of an accident. Additionally, because these races are conducted on the open road, innocent viewers and bystanders are also at risk; there are no barriers to protect them.

As more than 60 people gathered to watch the illegal street race in Los Angeles, the driver of a Ford Mustang lost control, jumped the sidewalk and slammed into the three spectators. Two onlookers were killed, one seriously injured. Both racing drivers fled the scene. Police do not have an estimate of how fast the car was traveling, but said the impact caused one of the victims to be launched airborne into a nearby parking lot. The pavement at the scene was covered in tire skid marks.

A local resident, who often attends the street races as a spectator, said racers often use a product known as VHT, a black compound sprayed or poured onto the street to increase the traction of a car’s tires. He also said the races are usually held weekly pairing two cars at a time, one pair right after the other in quick succession so they can finish the event quickly before police find out.

Both drivers fled the scene, but recently the driver of the Mustang turned himself in. He will most likely face charges, but may also face lawsuits from the injured victim and the families of the deceased. If these families file a claim and struggling to pay the bills, they may find financial assistance in the form of a lawsuit cash advance, known as lawsuit funding.

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