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Fatal Elevator Accidents Coast-to-Coast

Elevators have been in the news a lot more than usual over the last couple of weeks — and not for positive reasons. Two weeks ago, a woman was crushed to death by an elevator at California State Long Beach after trying to climb out of a stuck elevator car. Last week, a New York City woman died after an elevator door in her Manhattan office building closed on her leg as she was stepping in and dragged her body up between the shaft wall and the elevator car.

As the investigation continued in the NY accident, it was discovered that an elderly woman filed a lawsuit against the same elevator company after a similar accident allegedly left her seriously injured. The lawsuit contends that the elevator doors snapped shut without warning; the force throwing her to the floor. She sustained a four-inch gash on her head. The accident has left her unable to walk without assistance and she suffers from severe headaches that sometimes last for days.

Elevator injuries are handled much like premises liability lawsuits. The owner of a building is responsible for maintaining the elevator and if someone is injured as a result of negligent maintenance, the owner can be held legally responsible. The manufacturer may also be held responsible concerning malfunctioning elevators because of component defects.

If you have been seriously injured or lost a love one in an elevator accident, an experienced elevator accident attorney can help determine negligence or a defective product claim and determine your legal rights to seek compensation for damages.

Due to the complexity of elevator lawsuits, the litigation process may be far off. For some plaintiffs pre-settlement funding is a way to make it through the long and tedious process of waiting for a settlement. A lawsuit cash advance can provide the financial security of paying bills while waiting for a fair and full settlement from their claim. If you have been involved in an elevator accident and seeking lawsuit funding, contact Lawsuit Financial. With the financial pressure removed, there is no need to resolve any case for less than the full value of your injuries. The application process is quick and easy; it can take as little as 24 – 48 hours. There are no fees to apply, no credit check, no job requirement, no payments to make. And, if you lose the case, you keep the money free of charge. What bank makes that kind of offer? This is, truly, no risk litigation funding. Don’t settle for pennies on the dollar; get lawsuit funding and a fair and just equitable award or settlement.

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