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Fatal Contruction Site Highway Crash Results in $4.2 Million Verdict; Safety Protocols Violated

In 2007, A Florida man was stuck on Florida I-75 due to construction traffic; suddenly, he was rear-ended by a semi-truck going 70 mph. The man bled to death in his 11 year old son’s lap; the child watch the entire event unfold in front of him, including his dad’s slow, painful death.

The Wrongful Death lawsuit filed by an attorney for the family alleged that the contractors at the site – Zep Construction and Traffic Control Products – were negligent because warning lights and other crucial hazard equipment weren’t on site. Why do think those warning measures were not present? The lawsuit alleges that the companies were trying to save money. Many people argue that multi-million dollar verdicts are out of whack with the injuries or death suffered. Would those of you who feel that way agree that life is worth more than the minor amount a company saves by not installing safety equipment or warning devices?

The jury’s verdict specifically noted that the defendants were motivated, in their failure to provide warning lights and other hazard equipment, by financial, bottom line, issues. Jurors found Zep 65% liable and Traffic Control Products 30% liable. The driver of the truck that killed Mr. Brashear was determined to be only 5% liable. Only 5% liability to the at-fault driver in a rear end collision; how poor must the construction warning system have been?!.

And what a shocking event for an 11-year old boy and his family. As for the family, it has lost its principal bread-winner; how did they pay their important bills and expenses while waiting for justice in the case? Were they able to keep up with the mortgage and car payments? Could they keep food on the table? Could they get the boy the care and treatment he most certainly needed? Could they properly bury their lost, loved one? Lawsuit funding is a service that provides a personal injury plaintiff with part of the proceeds of his/her lawsuit before the case is actually resolved. An experienced legal finance company can help with all of the financial obligations listed above and will often continue to do so until the case is actually settled.

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