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Fatal Auto Accident: Washington State Corrections Department Pays Big

The Washington State Corrections Department has agreed to pay $850,000 to settle a lawsuit over a fatal auto accident occurring in Seattle in 2004. A 55 year old woman died when her Honda collided head-on with a large SUV driven by an offender under state supervision. Investigators determined that the offender was drunk. The offender was previously convicted of vehicular homicide and is serving a nine-year sentence for his crime.

While officials contended that he was meeting the conditions of his supervision at the time of the automobile crash, the lawsuit plaintiffs asserted that the state risk assessment was faulty. Apparently, the family and an obviously skilled plaintiff’s attorney gave the state 850,000 reasons to finally agree.


This 2004 fatal auto accident lawsuit was settled in 2008. The case took almost four years to resolve successfully. If the woman was the family breadwinner, a fatal auto accident would have very likely caused significant financial hardship for her surviving family members. Lawsuit funding could have been used to bridge the significant financial gap between the date of the accident and the date of the receipt of settlement funds. Lawsuit financing was, apparently, not utilized by this unfortunate family. Lawsuit Financial could have provided one or several non-recourse litigation cash advances against the pending litigation, if the need for such pre-settlement funding had existed. Periodic lawsuit cash advances would have taken away the financial pressure,brought on by the accident, to settle the case early and cheap. Had the lawsuit failed, the family would have owed nothing for the lawsuit funding and could have kept the advanced lawsuit cash free of charge. Lawsuit Financial is a premier provider of lawsuit funding in the United States. Call 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) to discuss your case funding situation, or, visit us on the web at

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