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Fatal Car Crash Appears to be the Result of a Defective Guardrail

Guardrails must be properly constructed, meet any safety specifications, be installed properly, and serve as an adequate barrier between lanes and the sides of roads. They may not prevent an auto accident, but they will usually minimize the severity of injuries. Yet, several lawsuits in recent years, claim otherwise.

An Overland Park, Kansas man was killed after his truck left the roadway, hitting a guardrail that sliced through the vehicle. He was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced died at the scene. Investigators determined that the man was wearing a seat belt at the time, but the force of impact apparently caused him to break free of the restraints.

Serious injuries or death in an auto accident can leave the victim and his/her family with serious medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, income loss, and other expenses. There is no reason why a victim should bear the burden of all this without holding the responsible parties liable.

Winning a wrongful death lawsuit resulting from a dangerous road accident involves proving a negligent corporation and/or the government were aware of the dangers, but failed to fix it. Holding a negligent wrongdoer accountable not only compensates the victim for damages, but also allows the problem to become publicly known so that hopefully changes are made so lives will be saved in the future.

These types of case can be long and drawn out. During that time, the victim’s family may be struggling to meet financial obligations due to the loss of income and other expenses as a result of these deaths. Lawsuit Financial may be able to help.

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