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Family of Student Killed in Bus Crash Plans to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Few events in anyone’s life are as catastrophic as finding out that a loved one has been killed due to the negligence and carelessness of another person or entity (company). If someone else’s careless or reckless behavior caused your loved one’s death, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your loss.

Two Houston Independent School District (ISD) students were killed when the school bus in which they were passengers fell off an overpass onto the road below. One the teens died at the scene; the other teen was pronounced dead at the hospital. Two other students and the bus driver were injured.

Interestingly, it appears the accident was caused by a Houston ISD teacher likely driving to work at the time. Investigations show that the teacher, who was driving a Buick LeSabre, thought that another vehicle was veering into her lane, which led the teacher to swerve and strike the bus. The impact caused the bus to smash through the guardrail, careen off the overpass, and plunge onto the road below. The school bus was making its routine commute to Furr High School at the time of the crash.

The family of the 17-year-old teen who died at the scene plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against both drivers involved in the accident. The attorney says the family also may sue other parties, including the manufacturer of the guardrail. “We believe the accident was preventable, and we intend to pursue a wrongful death action against both drivers involved, against possibly the manufacturer of the guardrail that didn’t work correctly and to investigate HISD’s role in all of this — their hiring practice, training, retention, maintenance of vehicles,” said the family’s attorney.

Although the family has the right to file a lawsuit, compensation is not automatic. Cases involving buses and other forms of public transportation can be made difficult by complex laws surrounding government liability. Thus, wrongful death claims can be long and drawn-out, taking months, even years, for a settlement to be reached. The financial roller coaster may be equally as painful as the loss. The family should not be forced to conduct settlement negotiations when they are struggling, financially. If they do, they will, almost always, accept an offer that is less than full case value. A better option is to leverage the expected settlement in the form of litigation funding.

Litigation funding can assist family members through the difficult financial issues facing them by providing short-term cash to pay medical expenses, funeral or burial expenses, or to handle monthly bills such as mortgage payments, car payments and household expenses.
The application process is quick and easy; the approval process is less than 48 hours after receiving case documentation. There are no upfront fees, monthly payments, credit checks or employment verifications. Repayment is only made if and/or when the lawsuit is won or settled. Litigation funding is also risk-free. If the family loses the case, the cash advance is completely waived.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a bus accident, it is important to contact an attorney to help recover compensation for your loss. If you are struggling financially while awaiting a settlement contact Lawsuit Financial to discuss your short-term financial needs. We try to buy you precious time to develop your case, your damages, and allow your attorney the time he needs to get the job done.