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Family of Mesothelioma Victim Receives Verdict and Verdict Reduction

This was a long case for the Johnston family and a fatal one for Jerry Johnston, diagnosed with cancer in 2008. He didn’t even live eight months. His wrongful death lawsuit stated he had been exposed to asbestos gaskets and packing products for eight years in the 70s while he worked at Dow Chemical.

The suit named 20 entities, but only one went to trial, John Crane. John Crane was found 15% liable and the total award of $27.5 million was reduced to $4.1 million. And this is the first point of this web log. This jury awarded $27.5 million; this is what the jury thought was appropriate compensation. But how much did the family receive? That’s right, $4.1 million. Why? Because only one of the 20 entities was a defendant in the trial and the jury found them to be only 15% responsible. 15% of $27.5 million is $4.1 million and that’s all the family got. With all of these allegations about “jackpot justice”, “tort reform” and “lawsuit abuse”, I want the public to know that the civil justice system has checks and balances and what some believe are “outrageous” or “jackpot” verdicts are actually rendered for very serious consequences or are corrected by the system, itself. There is no need for “reform”. That is a myth and a public relations campaign to provide corporate welfare to rich insurance company and large corporate tortfeasors who pollute, poison, maim and injure our citizens. Don’t buy in to this nonsense known as “tort reform”.

The shock of losing someone you love to a disease caused by the materials used by his employer, who knew or should have known better, is devastating. And the employer wouldn’t do the right thing; the widow had to sue the company to get it to do so. A lawsuit was necessary to obtain appropriate compensation for the death of her husband, the family’s breadwinner. She would have had a hard time trying to cope with the influx of all his medical bills that would have still arrived even after his death.

One way for her to deal with the expenses while waiting for trial and eventual justice was to request an emergency lawsuit cash advance from a professional lawsuit funding company. Litigation funding is specifically designed to assist plaintiffs in getting back on their feet financially help them satisfy outstanding debts, and await appropriate results from the lawsuit.

This is “pre-settlement funding”; it is provided in advance of a jury verdict or other case resolution. Legal finance is based only on the strength and weaknesses of the case, thus there are not credits checks, payments to make, hoops to jump through. The legal funding company requests information from your attorney and can have you approved within 24-48 hours after receiving that necessary information.

So, if you are involved in a lawsuit, don’t let a greedy insurance company push you around. And don’t settle your case for pennies on the dollar because you need cash now. Listen to your experienced personal injury attorney; turn down those inadequate offers and wait out the process knowing that your expenses are covered. It goes into their bank account, pays their bills and let’s them wait until a verdict is reached. Lawsuit Financial is an example of a highly skilled, professional lawsuit financing company. The call to Lawsuit Financial is free; the advice is priceless.