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Family of Jacksonville man killed by bus getting $1 million from JTA

The Florida man was killed while working on a truck to repair a traffic light. The driver of a Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) struck the truck knocking the man out of the truck bucket and 20 feet to the ground. The truck was propelled across three lanes of traffic. According to the police report, the bus driver never slowed down, despite flashing lights, orange cones, and a flagman. The bus driver claims he did not see the flagman or the traffic engineering truck in the intersection. The man worked for the city as a signal traffic repairer, making $29,300 a year at the time of his death.

JTA agreed to pay the victims’ family over $1 million in compensation. Unfortunately, there is a catch – the Florida Legislature has to approve it because the state has a $200,000 statutory cap on damages. Senator Tony Hill (D) filed a bill that would allow the family to collect the compensation beyond the cap.

Punitive damages should not be capped. They exist to remind companies and corporations that their actions have consequences. The sudden and unexpected death of a love one is a devastating event that can never be erased with monetary compensation. Senator Hill believes the bill will be passed and this family can move on with their lives. I hope he is right. The victim’s wife said she would prefer to have her husband back, but the money would help relieve some of the financial and emotional strain that has been put on her and her children. It will help put her two children through college.

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