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Family of Hit-and-Run Victim Settle Out of Court for $4.3 Million

Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits are usually harshly contested by an insurance company or a corporate defendant. However, even considering this sobering fact, damage recovery does not always require a victim to go to trial and receive a jury verdict. Even after suit is filed, most cases are still settled without a trial. Why? There is no one answer, but the biggest one is that a settlement reduces litigation costs and eliminates the uncertainty of a trial. No one, not even the most experienced attorneys, can accurately predict what a judge or jury will do with a particular case.

A $4.3 million settlement was reached in the wrongful-death lawsuit of a pedestrian who was stuck by a hit-and-run driver, then hit again by a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus in 2009. The driver of the car was never caught. The 36-year-old deceased woman leaves behind a husband and two children.

CTA officials said the settlement was negotiated in part to avoid a possibly higher judgment against the transit agency if the case proceeded to court. After the accident, improvements were made at the intersection, which include repainting of crosswalks, adding yield-to pedestrian signs, and adding a four-second delay in traffic lights to allow pedestrians to cross.

This case is a perfect example that despite whether a settlement was reached in or out of court, it can take years for the plaintiff to receive compensation for damages. In the meanwhile, the plaintiff must pay the medical bills and/or funeral expenses associated with the accident, as well as other expenses such as the mortgage, child care, and daily household needs. Cases such as this are eligible for lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance on the expected proceeds of the case that removes financial stress and allows time to wait for a fair and equitable settlement. Approvals take as little as 24 hours; the application process is easy and free, and you pay nothing unless and until you resolve your case.

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