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Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Construction Worker Accident

A construction worker died from carbon monoxide poisoning at an Iowa construction site in December 2010 after he entered a building in which gasoline-powered generators had been running for at least two days without proper ventilation. The 55-year-old man went into the building to refuel generators used to heat the concrete floor to prevent cracks; his wife found him dead about one hour later. The co-owner of Rotert Construction said he thought the building was safely ventilated because the roof wasn’t insulated.

The family of the victim has filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that the co-owner was “grossly negligent” when he asked her husband to refuel the generators. His wife said an investigator told her that “Rotert’s indoor use of the generator was a serious workplace safety violation, and that carbon monoxide levels were still dangerously high inside the building the day after her husband’s death.” The family seeks unspecified damages for funeral costs, loss of income, and physical and mental pain and suffering.

Tragedies like this also have a financial impact and the family’s principal mean of support is gone. This worker’s widow will likely experience significant financial problems, not only from lack of support for her regular bills and expenses, but, also from funeral and burial expenses. During the litigation process, the family may want to consider lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance would help his widow with necessary financial obligations until her case settles.

Litigation funding is based solely on the merits of the lawsuit; credit rating or job status does not matter. The application process is simple and if approved, the lawsuit cash advance can be available within 24 – 48 hours. Because it is a non-recourse cash advance, if the plaintiff loses her case, the “lawsuit loan” is excused; repayment is not required. If you have filed a wrongful death lawsuit and need financial assistance during the litigation process, call Lawsuit Financial.

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