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Family Considers Lawsuit As Investigation Continues Into The Tour Helicopter Crash In Pearl Harbor

The pilot of a Bell 206B tour helicopter that crashed off the coast of Hawaii last week said he felt a vibration and heard a “grinding noise” before the chopper went down, according to a preliminary report. He also said shortly thereafter he heard a loud bang, then noticed the rotor rpm decreasing despite the engine still running. The pilot tried to make an emergency landing before the helicopter descended rapidly into the water, about 20 feet from the shoreline. In addition to the pilot, a family of four from Canada were on board the chopper when it crashed. The Navy said the helicopter reportedly belongs to Genesis Aviation. The company website says it conducts helicopter tours of Oahu. An investigation is ongoing, but a preliminary report indicates that the chopper may have had some kind of mechanical problem before the crash.

The helicopter was submerged in about 40 feet of water. Witnesses said a 16-year-old boy was trapped inside; he had to be cut free from his seat. Four days later he died. An autopsy report listed brain damage from drowning as the cause of death. The pilot and three other passengers were treated for minor to serious injuries.

The surviving family members have since been released from the hospital and returned to their home in Canada. They have hired an attorney to look into a possible lawsuit over their son’s death. According to the attorney, the family said they also heard the grinding noise and felt the vibrations before the chopper went down.

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