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Falling Plastic Pipe Kills Worker

Construction work sites are dangerous;, while construction workers do not perform their duties thinking about the possibility of serious injury, I am certain that the thought lurks in the recesses of their minds. Most of the time, the work is performed safely and the workers return to their homes, safe and sound. In this Kansas case, the worker never made it home.

He was cutting the plastic bindings on a 500 pound roll of plastic pipe; the pipe fell on him, trapping him under it and crushing him in the process. Although EMS crews arrived quickly, the unfortunate worker was gone by the time they arrived.

The piping the worker was handling was used to deliver natural gas underground; OHSA is investigating and will take a very close look at what went wrong that day. There are a number of safety questions that require answers. Workers’ Compensation and contractor liability are potential sources of compensation to this man’s grieving family. They should consult with attorneys specializing in construction wrongful death and workers’ compensation death cases.

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