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Falling Metal Beam Fatal to Florida Construction Worker

Construction worksites can be deadly if appropriate safety precaution are not taken by contractors, sub-contractors and workers. In this Florida case, a worker was crushed to death when a heavy metal beam fell on him.

The construction worker was part of a crew that had been subcontracted out to complete an expansion at a local parts company dealership. Three eyewitnesses told the police that the victim saw the beam coming and tried to get out of its way. Unfortunately, he couldn’t, and the 33-foot long, 1,750 pound beam crushed him to death.

The beam had fallen off a forklift and although the worker heard it, he was unable to outrun it. Other workers on the site said no one was near the beam when it fell. The important litigation questions become whether or not the forklift was faulty and/or if the operator had not engaged it properly when he left the cab.

It took only three minutes for EMS crews to arrive on site; the unfortunate victim could not be saved. He leaves a wife and two small children. Pending the results of the health and safety investigation, the victim’s wife will certainly pursue a workers compensation case and may also, if certain conditions are met, pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. She will need an attorney(s) experienced in construction site accident cases, perhaps product liability cases (if the investigation determines that the forklift was faulty), and in workers compensation cases. These cases will take a long time to pursue and compensation for her husband’s death could be months, possibly years, away. This is a terrible emotional loss for this young family; the wife has lost her husband and the young children must grow up without their loving father. Tragedies like this also have a financial impact and the family’s principal mean of support is gone. This worker’s widow will likely experience significant financial problems, not only from lack of support for her regular bills and expenses, but, also, from extraordinary death and funeral related expenses. She does not want to settle any of her valuable cases too early, for too little, just to make ends meet. What can she do, instead?

A lawsuit cash advance, if she qualifies, would assist her in meeting her necessary financial obligations until her cases are settled. And, the good news is, that workers compensation lawsuit funding, not available in all states, is available in Florida. If the investigation determines that this is only a workers compensation case, the wait time for benefits is shorter, but legal finance assistance will shorten even that waiting period.

Litigation funding can be completed, with lawsuit cash in hand, with 24-48 of your application; it may be used to pay for things like medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments, child care and other important bills. It usually only take ones phone call or on-line visit to arrange for lawsuit funding from the industry expert. Construction accident lawsuit funding, wrongful death lawsuit funding, and workers compensation lawsuit funding are available in situations like this; automobile accident lawsuit funding, premises liability lawsuit funding, medical malpractice lawsuit funding and many other types of personal injury lawsuit funding are also available to personal injury victims, depending upon the circumstances and seriousness of their accidents and/or injuries. A call or visit will determine is you qualify.