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Failure to Brake: What Caused a Fatal Accident of a Florida Sheriff Deputy?

A Sheriff’s Deputy in Florida had just parked his cruiser in a parking lot when a 79-year-old driver of a Cadillac Escalade rammed into a metal barrier, hit a business owner and her store and kept on going. The car then hit the police cruiser at such speed and force, that it spun the cruiser 180 degrees, hitting the Sergeant. The Escalade did not come to a stop until after it headed down an embankment, drove through a retention pond and headed back to the intersection of a road and the highway. The Deputy was pronounced dead at the scene; the business owner and the driver of the Cadillac were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Initial investigations show that at no time did the 79-year-old man apply the brakes; investigators are trying to determine why the driver had no control of the SUV.

Suddenly losing a family member is horrific. Often families are left in dire financial straits as a result. For families who have lost a loved one due to a sudden and unexpected accident, they have more to deal with than just the death. Often, the family is thrown into financial distress as they face the uncertain future due to loss of income and how to pay funeral expenses. Additionally, is the physical and emotional impact due to pain and suffering. Wrongful death lawsuits are a way to obtain compensation to allow the family to survive financially for the future.

Even though the family of the deputy may be struggling to come to terms with his death, it is imperative that they speak to an experienced auto accident attorney. In cases like this, an experience attorney can guide you through the process of obtaining compensation. These cases are usually very complex and take a while to process through the court system. Sometimes, cases drag on for years.

Anytime someone loses a loved one, it is devastating both emotionally and mentally. It is often shattering financially, as well. The financial and emotional roller coaster of a lawsuit is equally as painful as the loss. This man’s family was obviously devastated by his sudden death; his loss may have caused a financial setback due to loss of wages and funeral expenses. Litigation funding can help this family during the lawsuit and a potential appeal.

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