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Exploding Car Severely Burns Minnesota Man

A head-on crash with another car in a demolition derby left a young Minnesota man severely burned due to an exploding gas tank. The man’s brother and a friend pulled him out of the flaming wreck and he was airlifted to a hospital for treatment in their burn unit for his arms, torso and face. His son was watching from the sidelines while this happened.

It’s unclear just exactly what happened here, but there a certainly questions that need to be answered, not the least of which is was the gas tank defective, why weren’t there fire extinguishers near track side for situations like this and what were the road conditions etc. Litigation will likely be need to sort out potential liability in the case.

These severe injuries are likely to have a substantial impact on the man’s financial situation; his ability to earn a living will, likely, be substantially impaired. If a lawsuit is pursued, it will take months, possibly years, to resolve. And, the ultimate resolution may not be in this seriously injured man’s favor. So, how does he support himself and his family while waiting to heal? How does he support himself and his family while waiting for his lawsuit to resolve? One good answer may be lawsuit funding, the service that provides lawsuit cash advances against pending litigation. Since this legal finance process has nothing to do with an applicant’s credit, the money he needs can be in his hands within 24-48 hours after his initial application. It is easy to apply for litigation funding; accident victims may do so online or by calling the legal funding company directly.

Pre-settlement funding
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Again, lawsuit financing applicants do not go through credit checks; they don’t have to have a job; they don’t pay upfront fees or monthly payments on a lawsuit cash advance. They receive their money, in a lump sum or in payments over time, and then wait, patiently for the case to resolve for full value. And, if the plaintiff loses the case, he/she does not have to pay the money back. Ours is more than a no fee guarantee; the lawsuit funding company guarantees a case recovery equal to the amount we gave the client. Even the handling attorney can’t do that!