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Excessive Emergency Room Wait Results in Wrongful Death

Most people consider a hospital a place to seek medical help in order to improve a patient’s condition. Those same people consider a hospital emergency room as a place to get immediate medical assistance. Unfortunately, sometimes a patient is forgotten or neglected by hospital staff. That was the case with Latino musician, Joaquin Rivera in a Pennsylvania hospital. Therefore, it should be no surprise that his family is filing a lawsuit against Aria Health Systems for Rivera’s wrongful death.

According to an article, the State Health Department released a report identifying numerous staff policy violations that occurred in the emergency room of Aria Health Systems on the evening of November 28, 2009.

Here is a partial sequence of events and the errors that, allegedly, occurred: Mr. Rivera entered the hospital at approximately 10:45 complaining of chest pains on his left side. Sometime later, he suffered a heart attack and died, although he sat dead in the waiting room for over 40 minutes. During this time, he was also robbed by three vagrants. All this before hospital personnel noticed or took any action. Surveillance cameras show that Mr. Rivera stopped moving 11 minutes after he arrived at the hospital. At 11:03 p.m., a nurse called his name, but did nothing when he didn’t respond. She noticed he was staring at a wall and not moving, but still did nothing. Only when another patient mentioned that he was dead, did anyone attend to Mr. Rivera.

When we seek medical care, we expect the medical professionals to take all necessary steps and precautions to protect our health and our lives. In an emergency situation, we expect those steps to be taken immediately. When physicians and hospital employees fail to perform their duties, serious physical consequence and/or death usually follow. The Rivera case seems to be an example of a wrongful death resulting from medical staff and hospital inefficiency.

Lawsuit Financial asks: Where was hospital protocol?” In this case, the nursing staff claims they were unaware of protocol that required them to check on patients in the waiting room. How can a professional hospital and staff not be responsible for monitoring the condition of patients in the waiting room? Is this is a break down in training, communication, responsibility, or all three? Whatever caused this tragedy, there should be accountability. There should be adequate safety measures, protocol, and staff training designed to prevent these types of occurrences. Lives and safety hang in the balance; if medical and hospital staff fail to exercise proper care and implement appropriate standards of care, we will continue to read about these preventable and wrongful death.

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