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Errant Gun Show Shot Hits Patron

When one goes to a gun show, one does not expect to get shot. This accident happened at a Denver Merchandise Mart; the bullet hit a man, badly injuring him in the process. The Tanner Gun Show was off to a raucous start when the man selling the gun in question and the man shot were holding a gun when it fired. Witnesses say they were examining the gun when it went off and hit the man in the upper torso. The victim was rushed to the hospital.

What was a loaded gun doing at a gun show? Gun show rules indicate that it is illegal to have loaded guns at the show; most of those on display have zip ties snaked through the chambers to make sure this kind of accident doesn’t happen. Despite these rules, it happened in this instance and an explanation must be proffered.

The extent of the victim’s injuries is not clear, but a gun shot wound is a gunshot wound, and someone in this circumstance may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced personal injury attorney will listen to the facts and events of the case and render an opinion as to the negligence of the exhibitor and/or Merchandise Mart. After careful consideration of the facts and law and an attempt to resolve the case reasonably, a lawsuit will, most likely, be filed.

If the victim is unable to work, because of his injury, he will, undoubtedly, have trouble making ends meet. While his lawsuit is pending, he does have the option of applying for lawsuit funding to assist in getting important bills and expenses paid now, while the case is pending.

A lawsuit cash advance is provided, in advance of any future verdict or settlement. This is done based on the attorney’s assessment of potential liability and case value. Litigation funding may be used to make car payments, mortgage payments and other pressing expenses. The funds may also be used for therapy or medical bills while the victim/plaintiff awaits compensation at the completion of his case.

Lawsuit financing
hinges on recovery; so if the man lost his case, he would not have to repay the money he received. A lawsuit cash advance application is easy to complete on the Internet or by phone and the process is free. Call us; the call is free; the advice is priceless.

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