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ER Shooting Prompts Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a man fatally shot while in a California emergency room has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the local sheriff’s office and the deputy involved in the shooting. Evidently, the 47 year old man went to his local hospital complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath related to an alcohol problem.

He was placed in soft wrist restraints, became agitated and tried to pull out his IV line. He pulled out a pocket knife to cut the wrist restraints and began jabbing the knife in the direction of other people. His left hand was free; his right hand, holding the knife, was still in a wrist restraint. When police arrived, the man was ordered to drop his knife. It appears that the man may have lunged at the police and they fired five shots at him; their report indicates that pepper spray would not have subdued him.

The wrongful death lawsuit maintains that the police didn’t ask the nurses about his medical status; because they didn’t, alleges the lawsuit, there was a failure to understand that he was experiencing severe alcohol withdrawal.

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