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Emotional Scars Will Never Fade, but Family Finally Obtains Justice In Wrongful Death

In 2009, a family of five was on their way to Oregon to celebrate Thanksgiving with relatives when their SUV slammed into the back of a big rig in LA County. A nine-year-old girl and her eleven-year-old brother were the sole survivors; the boy died last June. The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the truck and his employer alleging negligence. The plaintiff’s attorney said the driver of the SUV was trying to reach the shoulder of the road after he struck debris on the highway, but the truck was parked on the same shoulder with no visible lights. The plaintiff said the trailer lights and emergency flashers were off, as well as the emergency reflectors, all of the actions were in violation of existing laws governing big rigs. Additionally, the suit stated that the driver pulled over to sleep, despite written warnings that stopping there was only allowed in emergencies. The defense argued that the trucker had only stopped briefly and the driver of the SUV fell asleep at the wheel. A jury recently awarded in favor of the plaintiff for $150.75 million.

Although justice has finally been served, it took four long years. During this time, the family may have been struggling financially. There were three funerals, plus all the cost associated with carrying for two young children. A lawsuit cash advance may have helped the family cope with some of the expenses while awaiting a fair resolution.

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