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Elder Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against California Nursing Facility

When placing a loved one in the care of a nursing home, it is expected that the resident will receive quality care. Unfortunately, negligence and abuse in this setting are all too common. Injuries to elderly residents may occur as a result of inadequate staffing, improper resident monitoring, unsafe conditions, or staff members intentionally neglecting residents or/and causing residents harm. When it happens, victims and their families have the right to seek legal remedies. An experienced elder abuse attorney can guide victims through the legal process to recover damages.

An elder abuse lawsuit was filed against a La Crescenta nursing facility claiming that staff neglected to care for an 88-year-old man, causing him to fall and fracture his spine, and develop multiple pressure ulcers.

In August, the man was transferred to Westside Health Care in La Crescenta for 15 days of rehabilitation to regain his strength after a hospitalize stay. On August 21, he was found “slumped over in his wheelchair,” with an open cut on his head, according to the lawsuit. One caregiver reportedly told paramedics that the man fell while going to the bathroom. The lawsuit alleges that caregivers placed him back in the wheelchair after the fall, “hoping to sweep the whole thing under the rug.” The lawsuit further alleges that it wasn’t until he was transferred to another facility that the man was reportedly diagnosed with pneumonia, and had three pressure ulcers, a spinal fracture and bruising, all because Westside staff “wrongfully withheld required care” which included repositioning him every two hours and making sure he was properly hydrated.

Some residents have medical conditions that make them especially vulnerable to slip and falls accidents, broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, hip fractures, and other injuries. Nursing homes must be staffed appropriately and maintain safe standards to ensure the safety of its patients. When negligence or abuse occurs, whether physical, mental, or emotional, it can leave marks that are not easily seen. These may linger and become more problematic.
The following signs are examples that can indicate neglect or abuse and should be taken seriously.

• Bedsores
• Slip and fall injuries, causing broken bones, head injuries, internal injuries, and more;
• Dehydration
• Infection, unexplained wounds, burns, bruises, sprains
• Poor personal hygiene or unkempt appearance
• Medication errors
• Malnutrition
• Physical abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Emotional abuse or neglect

If you believe that a loved one may be the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, you may be entitled to compensation. Choosing the right attorney is also a vitally important decision. If you do not know an attorney who specializes in nursing home abuse, Lawsuit Financial has excellent legal referral sources all over the country and our professional staff will locate one in your area within 24-48 hours. This is a free service for injury victims and their family members.
Nursing home negligence lawsuits can take years to reach a settlement, and even then receiving compensation is never immediate. Plaintiffs who are struggling financially, will often times accept a low offer. At Lawsuit Financial, we understand that waiting to pay the bills may not be an option. For this reason, we have a solution so you can wait for an equitable settlement while maintaining financial stability. The solution is lawsuit funding!

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