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Easing The Financial Pressures of A Lawsuit

If you are involved in a lawsuit or legal claim, it may take months or even years to receive the highest possible settlement. When your ability to work is affected, the longer your case lasts, the more difficult it becomes to pay everyday bills. Financial pressures can put a tremendous strain, but Lawsuit Financial can offer a series of well-placed non-recourse lawsuit advances to ease the financial pressure to settle early for too little. We believe being forced to settle for less than you deserve because you are in a financial bind is not seeking justice and could result in losing thousands, even millions of dollars of fair compensation. Lawsuit funding can dramatically change the outcome of your case by leveling the playing field. When you are more financially stable, your attorney has more time to negotiate the settlement you deserve.

Plaintiffs who apply for, and receive, lawsuit funding can use the money for anything they wish, but the cash advance is usually meant to pay important bills and other household expenses. By requesting cash advances on an as needed basis, it enforces financial discipline. Plaintiffs that receive a lump sum may be more inclined to spend some of the money on “luxuries” only to find in following months that they need more cash for the “necessities”, especially if the case takes longer than expected to settle. Requesting funding in smaller increments is also less costly because repayment is based on the cash advance amount at the time the funding was provided. The longer a cash advance is outstanding, the more expensive the repayment.

How easy is it for plaintiffs to obtain funding? First of all, eligibility simply requires a pending lawsuit and attorney representation. Next, we require a one-page funding application. That’s it! We take it from there; no need for a credit check or employment verification. Lawsuit Financial will review case materials from the plaintiff’s attorney and once we determine the strength of the case, we make a funding decision. If a lawsuit cash advance is accepted by the plaintiff, we will direct deposit or overnight the funds within 24 – 48 hours. The advance is only repaid if, and when, the plaintiff wins. If the case is lost, we are not repaid.

If you are having trouble covering expenses during a pending lawsuit, Lawsuit Financial can help keep your case with lawsuit funding. For a free analysis of your case funding situation, call us toll-free at 1-877-443-4711 or visit us online.