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Drunk Driver Strikes Teen Cyclist; Family Recovers $26.8M

The accident occurred in three years ago. It took the life of a teen that had just finished taking his high school placement test. The cause of the accident – a young woman who had consumed 10 beers in five hours, then got behind the wheel of her vehicle. Evidence showed she had a blood alcohol concentration of .249 percent two hours after the accident, which is three times the .08 legal limit.

The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the woman, the restaurant which served her, and the city of Tuscon alleging that had city engineers not abandoned plans to add five feet of asphalt to the roadway, the accident never would have happened. The jury found the defendant 34% liable, the city 33% liable and the restaurant who had served her alcohol 33% liable. Although the jury awarded in favor of the plaintiff, the family said that the judgment will never compensate them for the loss of their son.

The grief that follows the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. Even before the grief has subsided, families often find themselves faced with financial hardship as they try to pay the cost of a funeral and try to adjust to life without a loved one. How does the family survive, financially, while awaiting case resolution?

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