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Drunk Driver Left Friend for Dead

In October 2009, a 21-year-old was driving his 1998 Volkswagen GTI while under the influence of alcohol when he went off the road and crashed into a tree. The 18-year-old passenger was found unconscious inside the vehicle about an hour later; he died at a local hospital from massive traumatic head injuries.

What happened to the driver? Uninjured, he fled the scene returning to the party that both men had attended prior to the accident. Did he go back to seek help? NO! He told other party goers that the victim had stolen his vehicle. After friends urged him to report the vehicle stolen, the police drove him home, but the negligent man went to great lengths to give a route to his home that did not pass the accident site.

Now, two years after a lengthy and detailed investigation, police discovered the truth; the vehicle was not stolen and the victim was not the driver. Authorities disclosed that red fibers embedded in the driver’s side panel of the vehicle and shards of glass in the drunk drivers’ clothes helped investigators determine he was actually the man behind the wheel. The drunk driver has been charged with leaving the scene of the accident and faces felony charges for failure to report an accident involving death.

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