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Drunk Driver Hits Tree, Injures Fiance’s Two Kids

This falls into the category of “are you sure you want to marry this guy”!? A 37-year old man, driving drunk, crashed into a tree with his fiance’s two children in the vehicle and caused serious injuries to both kids. Child protective services have been called in on the case; one of the children required surgical repair of internal injuries.

The police questioned the injured man, while he was at the hospital being treated for his own injuries; he indicated that he’d crashed because of a ‘coughing spasm’ and because he couldn’t see where he was going. But, a breath test revealed his blood alcohol level was .09 and a blood screen calculated it at .11. Naturally, he was arrested and taken to county jail; he is charged with Driving Under the Influence Resulting in Injury and Neglect of a Dependent.

Whether the mother of these children files an automobile accident lawsuit against her DUI fiance/driver remains to be seen. She certainly has the right to pursue litigation on their behalf. She is a single mom; thus, she will have a flood of bills to deal with after this incident and likely insufficient cash flow to meet the extraordinary obligations of the injuries to her kids on top of her regular bills and expenses. If she decides to pursue litigation, she may also wish to consider applying for lawsuit funding.

In most instances, a plaintiff will apply for a lawsuit cash advance when he/she needs legal finance assistance to handle pressing bills like medical expenses, therapy and other necessities; time off work or wage loss may also create a shortfall and a need for litigation funding to pay pay the mortgage, car payments and other household expenses.

Pre-settlement funding
comes to the rescue in situations like this and enables the plaintiff to wait for the case to reach a just conclusion, rather than being forced, by a difficult financial situation, to take the first small offer that is tendered. A lawsuit cash advance is easy to apply for online or by phone. It may permit these victims and others like them to handle their day-to-day financial woes, avoid settling their cases too early for too little, and retake control of their futures.

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