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Drunk Driver Fleeing Scene Causes Second Accident Moments Later

Witnesses stated that the driver of a 1999 Ford Explorer hit a parked vehicle, then backed up and took off, fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed and with no headlights. Moments later, he veered across the highway and into oncoming traffic, hitting a 2002 Mercury Marquis head-on. The driver and two passengers in the Marquis were air-lifted to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Following the second accident, a Breathalyzer test showed the driver of the Explore had a blood-alcohol level of 0.96. He was also driving without a license and no proof of insurance. He has been charged with second-degree assault and recklessly causing serious physical injury to another person by means of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument (vehicle).

In cases like this, lawsuits are, typically, the way to compensate the victims and punish the perpetrator. Most likely, the victims will contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their rights. The victims may be faced with significant medical bills and possibly therapy depending on the extent and duration of their injuries.

Cases like this have a tendency to take a long time to resolve and the additional expenses of injury as well as the disruption of work life can take a substantial financial toll. Thus, the injured parties may wish to investigate the possibility of obtaining a lawsuit cash advance from an experienced provider of lawsuit funding services. While waiting for their attorneys to obtain justice, litigation funding would allow them to pay their medical bills and other important expenses. Legal finance services can be a life preserver in desperate financial times; and legal funding is easy to apply for either online or by phone. If a plaintiff qualifies for pre-settlement funding, cash can often be place in an applicant’s hands in as little as 24 hours. Lawsuit funding can give you the financial support needed as you and your attorney seek the compensation you deserve.

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