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Drunk and Distracted Driver Reaching for Potato Chip Causes Tragic Auto Accident

A 47-year-old woman was one of eight people on their way to a birthday party when she reached down to pick up a potato chip. The woman lost control of her vehicle and struck a guardrail. As a result of the accident, a family friend’s baby was killed and several other children suffered serious injuries, ranging from skull fractures to a lacerated liver.

Witnesses said the vehicle had been swerving, and police found numerous open beer cans in the vehicle. The driver’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. Additionally, the woman was driving with too many passengers, four adults and four children; it was only a four passenger vehicle. None of the children were in car seats; no one was wearing a seat belt.

Whether the mothers of these children files an automobile accident lawsuit against the drunk and distracted driver remains to be seen. They certainly have the right to pursue litigation for a wrongful death and personal injuries. An experienced auto accident attorney can pursue compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs associated with this auto accident.

If one or both families decide to pursue litigation, they may also wish to consider applying for lawsuit funding to assist with pressing bills such as medical expenses, funeral expenses, mortgage, car payments and other household expenses. Pre-settlement funding enables the plaintiff to wait for full case value, rather than being forced, by a difficult financial situation, to take the first, and less the fair, offer that is tendered. A lawsuit cash advance is easy to apply for online or by phone. It may permit these victims and others like them to handle their day-to-day financial woes, avoid settling their cases too early for too little, and retake control of their futures.