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Drowing Cases Settle; Eight Years Later

These wrongful death cases took forever to settle, but settle they did, bringing closure to two families. These drownings look place in 1997, in Miami Beach, Florida.

The tragedy occurred as the result of a combination of strong winds, dangerous currents and no warnings or lifeguards at a public section of the beach. A woman was swimming and got caught in the rip tide; a 36 year old hero saw she was in trouble, sent his family to find lifeguards, and dove into the water to try to save her. Both swimmers, tragically, drowned in full view of their families.

The case established landmark Florida precedent; the ruling declared that cities, like private landowners, are responsible for warning beach goers of dangerous water conditions that are known or should be known. A federal appeals court upheld the ruling and the multi-million dollar verdict.

The families in this case carried a heavy burden for many years. How does a young family replace a 36 year breadwinner with his whole life ahead of him? How does a man replace the woman he has loved for so many years. On top of their grief, they must figure out how to make ends meet during a twelve year wait for justice in the case. When this incident happened, lawsuit funding, as an important litigation tool, was just being established. It was not well-known and it is doubtful that either family took advantage of this valuable legal finance service. If they had, their financial worries, while waiting for case resolution, would have been eliminated or lessened by a series of lawsuit cash advances, over time.

Applying for litigation funding is quite easy; a simple phone call or a few clicks on the computer to fill out an application will get you started. There is no fees to apply for what some refer to a as a lawsuit loan; there are no upfront fees at all, no monthly payments to make and no credit check is required.

Once an applicant has been approved, the lawsuit cash advance arrives within 24-48 hours by check or wire. With financial concerns taken care of, you can concentrate on the case and obtaining justice and fair compensation. So, turn down inadequate offers made by greedy insurance companies who are trying to use their vast economic power to outlast you and wear you down. Obtain pre-settement funding, listen to the advice of your experienced attorney, who knows the true value of your case, and don’t settle until he/she tells you that an offer is fair compensation. Who knows, your case might even set state precedent.