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Driving Under The Influence: 470,000 Reasons To Stop This Dangerous Activity

Young people are full of hopes and dreams; they have their whole lives in front of them; then, in an instant, their hopes and dreams are shattered, by a drunk driver. This accident was caused by an adult who had been drinking and who also was speeding at the time of the crash. The car went into a barricade, causing the teen some very serious injuries; serious enough that he needed surgery and some major help getting back on his feet.

The young man’s family filed a lawsuit on his behalf to recover compensation for his injuries and funds to pay the medical bills. The case took some time to settle; while the family awaited justice, they could have applied for pre-settlement funding. This type of lawsuit funding, would have helped them with their son’s care, medical expenses, therapy and medications, as well as other expenses related to assisting the under-aged victim, like college tuition. Because the victim is a minor, lawsuit cash advances must benefit and/or be related to his care, treatment or education; the family cannot profit from his injury or disability. Court intervention might be necessary.

Litigation funding is money sent in advance of an actual settlement or court award that may be used for the specific purpose of dealing with costs associated with an accident. This type of legal finance, or lawsuit cash advance, arrives quickly; once the application has been processed and approved, fast cash is often provided in 24-48 hours.

When a litigant applies for a “lawsuit loan”, he/she only needs to make a toll free telephone call or complete a simple application form online. There is no cost to apply for lawsuit funding;if a company asks for money up front to apply, move on and find an experienced, ethical provider of this valuable legal funding service.

Strategic case funding
is provided to give a litigant time and leverage to wait until the insurance company makes a fair and equitable offer. Your experienced attorney will help you decide when or if you should settle your case; accept or decline an offer. Lawsuit finance gives you the financial leverage you need to decline unjust, inappropriate offers, await satisfactory offer or, ultimately, await a jury verdict or court award.when you may be awarded more in court.