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Drivers Education Students in Fatal Auto Accident

Three teens were killed last week when a student driver slammed into a tractor trailer. The driver of the truck said the car initially stopped at the blinking red light, then suddenly went into the intersection as he was already proceeding through it. He couldn’t stop in time and T-boned the side rear of the car. The truck driver had a blinking yellow light, giving it the right of way.
Since 2005, the town has made multiple requests to change the light from a blinking intersection to a full functional light because it has been a “difficult intersection.” There have been a total of 36 accidents at the intersection, two fatal. As the investigation continues, county officials have agreed to meet over the safety issue.

When an unlicensed driver on the road during a driver’s education lesson causes an auto accident, liability can be complicated. Victims may wish to file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against:

• the student driver for her careless or distracted driving
• the instructor for his careless or negligent supervision or instruction, and/or
• the driving school for the negligent actions of its employees

In this case, the county could also be held liable for failing to fulfill its obligations of providing a safer road. It is important for families of the victims to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney to understand all their options, and to make sure their legal rights are protected. If a lawsuit is filed, it could take months, even years to settle. During that time, the last thing these families need is to be faced with financial issues. Fortunately, pre-settlement lawsuit funding may be an option.

Medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, lost wages, and daily-living expenses can create an overwhelming financial burden. Lawsuit funding is financial assistance to help auto accident victims and their families pay not only expenses associated with the accident, but daily living expenses as well. This non-recourse cash advance requires no credit check, no employment verification, and no monthly payments. The only requirement for eligibility is a strong case and attorney representation. The application takes about five minutes; approval can often be available in as little as 24 hours. Repayment of the cash advance is only made once the case successfully settles; lose and the repayment is completely waived.

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