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Driver Identified in Marblehead Teen Crosswalk Death

On August 24, 15 year old Alessandra (Allie) Castner, of Marblehead, MA was struck by a car while crossing the street at an intersection. She was flown to Boston Medical Center, and a short time later, she was pronounced dead. Over the ensuing days, weeks and months, her family sought information relating to the investigation into her death. Her mother, Julie Castner, said:

“Instead of mourning and beginning the healing process we have had to fight for her honor.” “This is so unreal to all of us. You wake up in the morning saying this really is not your life. When you put your feet on the floor you realize it really is your life.”

For unknown reasons, police delayed releasing the name of the person who drive his vehicle into the defenseless child. The Castner’s issued a plea for anyone who may have witnessed the accident to call authorities. Allie’s father, Chris, wanted to grieve; instead, he found himself “playing detective”.

Finally, one month after Allie’s death, police identified Thomas Larivee as the driver of the vehicle that struck Allie. His license has been revoked as authorities consider him a threat on the road. Prior to this accident, Larivee has had numerous driving infractions, an accident, and a 90 day license suspension. Other than the revocation, he has not been charged with any crime or violation stemming from the accident. The Castner’s vow to pursue justice through criminal charges. Julie Castner said:

“We want this to go as a criminal case. That’s where we are headed with this.”

Lawsuit Financial wishes the family well in its pursuit of justice in this case and extends its deepest sympathies to the Castner family.

Pedestrians struck by motor vehicles are seldom left unscathed, and in many instances, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, and death can result. Even if the driver did not intend harm, the motorist can be held liable for speeding, failing to yield to the pedestrian or stopping at a crosswalk, text messaging or talking on the cell phone, driving under the influence, turning right on red without noticing a crossing pedestrian in the opposing crosswalk, and other negligent acts. Auto accidents often can happen to very cautious drivers who are, simply, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Motorists do not always understand or observe the rules of the road regarding pedestrian’s right-of-way at stop signs and crosswalks. Unfortunately negligence often results in serious injuries or death to a pedestrian. The cause of the Castner/Larivee crash is unclear and remains under investigation.

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