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Driven To Distraction

Have you ever talked on your cell phone while driving? Eaten food? Read the newspaper? Read directions or a map? Blared your radio or iPod? Texted a friend or business associate? Carried on a conversation passengers? Shaved? Put on make-up? Combed your hair? Bent down to pick something up off the floor? Lit a cigarette? Ridden with a pet on your lap? O.K., perhaps we are over-killing this; you get the idea.

Driver distractions are nothing new, but auto accidents from driver distractions are on the rise. Every time we get into a motor vehicle and put it into motion, we begin to put ourselves at risk. Do we ever stop to think that the greatest danger to our safety may be ourselves? A split-second diversion of our attention can prove disastrous! Unfortunately, there is a high probability that driving distractions will continue to increase.

We recently posted an entry about the MyFord Touch; this technology equips vehicles with a high-tech dashboard for multimedia navigation and Internet capabilities. Add to that a TV, DVD player, navigation system, and other innovations, and our roadways are transformed into potential techno tragedy. Vehicles are becoming rolling offices and entertainment centers at the risk of our lives and those of others on our roads.

Driving requires full attention. Distractions are everywhere; it is the drivers’ responsibility to avoid them. Distractions, such as cell phones, have become so popular that many times we don’t realize when, where, and how often we are using these devices. They become a force of habit. Look around you the next time you are on the road (not for too long, this, too, is a distraction); it is easier to count those NOT talking on a cell phone than those who are.

Another dangerous distraction is eating while driving. Think of the steps you must take after leaving the drive-through window of your favorite fast food establishment. You take the food out of the bag, unwrap it, take several bites, put the wrapper in the empty bag; all of this activity and you haven’t touched the fries or drink yet!

And, what about the children or pets? Are you being driven to distraction with the kids fighting, crying, or talking loudly? Is the dog barking, roaming the car, or sitting on your lap? As our daily lives become busier and busier, many of us feel the need to accomplish something every moment of every day. Driving distractions reduce your awareness of the environment around you and has a negative effect on your driving performance. The next time you have the urge to “make the most” of your driving time, remember you control a vehicle that weighs more than one ton. It has the capacity to cause serious injury or death. Focus on the road, pay attention, and expect the unexpected. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, and just drive.

Lawsuit Financial is a strong advocate of safe driving; we will continue to comment on the risks of distracted driving. Our goal is to encourage readers to stop talking on cell phones, stop texting, and/or stop engaging in additional activities that cause you to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. We hope that our readers will educate others to do the same. If you must use these techno devices, pull off the road. The few minutes could save a life, including your own.

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