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Don’t Let Your Finances Leave You Paralyzed

Obtaining a fair settlement can take your attorney time (months or even years). With lawsuit funding, you can buy the time you need to achieve the best results. While waiting for your case to settle, a lawsuit cash advance can be utilized to take care of medical or living expenses, and other bills while you are recovering from your injuries.

A Roanoke jury recently awarded the full $20 million sought by a woman paralyzed from the chest down after her Mazda Miata overturned in a freak auto accident. The jury also ordered that interest on the sum be paid from the date of the accident.

In June 2006, the woman was driving on a country road when she was forced to swerve to avoid a largely, deflated plastic swimming pool that went airborne in the darkness. The pool had slipped from the bed of a pickup truck; the truck driver didn’t stop and was never found.

The lawsuit alleged a defect design in the 1995 Miata convertible caused the windshield to collapse after the vehicle flipped and came to a rest on its roof. According to the claim, the canvas top was closed at the time of the accident. When the vehicle landed on its roof, the latch system that was supposed to secure the windshield to the convertible top failed causing the windshield to collapse onto the woman. The paralyzed woman is confined to a wheelchair and requires round-the-clock care for life.

Mazda contends there was no design defect and that the plaintiff presented insufficient evidence to support her allegations. The company contends that in such a serious rollover accident involving a vehicle with a soft top it is unreasonable to assume the convertible would not prevent injuries. An appeal is expected. Assuming the verdict survives post-trial challenges, the total amount of the settlement would be $30 million.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, this woman most likely has been facing financial challenges arising from her permanent disability and requirement of long-term care. And now, a potential appeal could drag the case out even longer. She may benefit from lawsuit funding, a no-risk cash advance against her pending claim.

Lawsuit Financial is a legal finance company specializing in providing litigation cash advances when plaintiffs have nowhere else to turn for financial assistance. This type of funding is not a “lawsuit loan“; credit standing is not an issue, there are no credit checks, and employment history is not a factor. Best of all, the lawsuit cash advance is only repaid if, and when, the case successfully settles. Plaintiffs awarded lawsuit funding pay nothing if they are not awarded a settlement.

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