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Dog Poop Causes Slip and Fall

A dog is man’s best friend, right? Well…no when the dog leaves a “gift” on the floor that man steps in, causing him to fall and sustain a serious back injury.

Not too surprisingly, this accident occurred at a PetSmart store; the fall was hard enough to injure the man’s back and cause head injuries as well. The plaintiff has filed a personal injury lawsuit seeking at least $1 million in compensatory damages.

The sixty nine year old plaintiff entered his local PetSmart store to pick up some bird seed and dog food. Things were fine until he stepped on a pile of dog feces and slipped. This caused him to go into contortions, twisting this way and that in an attempt to avoid falling. In the process, he hit his head on something nearby; the blow was so hard, it knocked the plaintiff’s false teeth out and he has had to undergo back surgery as a result of his fall.

The lawsuit alleges PetSmart was negligent in letting dogs into the store where they have the potential to “doo” their business inside the store. It also states that store employees should have been aware of the pile, or should have cleaned it up quickly to avoid any possible slip and falls.

While all the stores are equipped with dog accident stations for owners to clean up after their pets, it is clear that this dog’s owner did not follow store policy. In our opinion, if PetSmart relies on customers to make their stores safe, the policy is fraught with negligence and danger. PetSmart workers are trained to clean up all messes. A similar incident occurred when a woman slipped in dog urine and injured her knee.

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