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Does Your Case Qualify for Lawsuit Funding?

You were hurt in an accident. You have hired an attorney in an attempt to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. You automatically qualify for lawsuit funding, right? Wrong! And, even if you “qualify” how do you get from there to actually receiving a lawsuit cash advance.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation
has been providing cash-strapped personal injury victims with legal finance services for almost 12 years. We have more combined legal and legal funding experience than anyone in this industry. There are many new companies who claim to offer similar services, but they do not do so with the knowledge and expertise that Lawsuit Financial does. That is why the majority of cases submitted for legal funding to other companies are rejected. Why? Because litigation funding company underwriters refuse to accept reasonable risk, even though they charge non-recourse, risk-based fees. In other words, most company underwriters lack the necessary experience to analyze and approve your case. It is easier to ‘just say no’.

In order to qualify for pre-settlement funding, an applicant must have suffered an accidental injury that has caused him/her to pain and suffer. Maybe the injury caused a wage loss or substantial medical bills. Certainly, there must be a demonstrable injury or loss to pursue a lawsuit; likewise, to pursue lawsuit funding. If you have not pained and suffered, if you have not suffered wage loss or gone to the doctor, it is not likely that you will be able to sustain a lawsuit; it is equally unlikely, virtually impossible that you will qualify for legal finance services.

For the cost of a filing fee, anyone can file a lawsuit. The key to whether you qualify for litigation funding is whether the filed lawsuit is sustainable and has potential value. One thing you can absolutely count on: The insurance company will jack you around, the company will “delay, deny, confuse and refuse” for as long as possible, even if you have a great case. That period between filing the lawsuit and settling the lawsuit can be months, even years, and the financial problems that result from these delay tactics can be devastating to you. That is why lawsuit funding is such a valuable service; a lawsuit cash advance or a series of advances can bridge the gap between lawsuit filing and lawsuit success. If, however, your case is unlikely to succeed in litigation, it is unlikely to be approved for lawsuit funding.

To obtain lawsuit funding, you must, in all cases, retain an attorney, first. If you have not yet retained an attorney, Lawsuit Financial offers a free attorney referral service; you only need to request it. We will not provide a “lawsuit loan“, nor will any other legal finance company, without the plaintiff having retained an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases. Thus, our free attorney-referral service is a value added to a needy plaintiff. If your case is a medical malpractice case or a product liability case, or any type of case where expert testimony is going to be necessary to sustain the case, it is wise to have the expert’s opinion in hand and available before seeking lawsuit finance services.

Thus, qualifying and receiving case funding has three basic requirements:

1. An accidental injury that was either not your fault or occurred under circumstances where you were not substantially at fault (in an automobile accident, a police report will help substantiate this).

2. A retained attorney who has accepted you case and is pursuing the case for you

3. Demonstrable proof (records) of injury (medical or hospital records), wage loss (records from your employer) or other damages.

It will also assist you if the case has been filed in court and is closer to the end of the case than the beginning of the case.

Many companies offer almost no assistance in qualifying you or your case for lawsuit funding. Our experience paralegal and legal staff work closely with our clients to obtain the necessary proof to get them approved and also in obtaining financing arrangements that are right for their particular circumstances. This is another value-added service of Lawsuit Financial. We also have one of the fastest turn-around times in the industry, and can often obtain same day or 24-48 hour approval and payment. If is one thing to have a case that may qualify for lawsuit funding; it is another to get approved and receive the lawsuit cash advance. Lawsuit Financial will do everything in its power to qualify you and get you approved and funded within 24-48 hours of your initial contact with our company.

Getting injured in an accident is a traumatic experience. Being unable to work and support your family is devastating. Insensitive insurance companies that delay and deny your just compensation only makes things worse for you. At Lawsuit Financial, we recognize your circumstances and try to rectify them with interim legal funding while you wait for your case to settle, fully and fairly. Don’t settle too soon, for too little; apply for lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial and get full and fair compensation. The call or visit is free; the advice is priceless.